BMW Crushes Cars, Literally | SOUTH LA, CA 4.4.21

SOUTH LA, CALIFORNIA – A speeding white BMW traveling north on S Figueroa St crashed into a silver Mercedes SUV sending it up the sidewalk destroying the whole drivers side of the SUV. The BMW kept going despite the driver putting on its breaks hitting another dark colored sedan crushing it against another sedan that was parked in front of it. A fifth & sixth vehicle were also hit but damage was minimal.
A total of six vehicles were involved in the crash. The driver of the BMW was
transported to a nearby hospital. The passenger of the white BMW did not
suffer any injuries miraculously. At least three of the vehicles struck were parked on the street. A resident that lives in a 2nd floor of an apartment building at the intersection told said her windows was broken from the debris that flew from the collision. Luckily she nor her kids were not injured. At this time it’s not known if alcohol played apart in the crash but clearly speed was a factor. No further information available.