*CAUGHT on CAMERA* Cameraman Catches String of Crashes Caused by DUI | ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA 12.9.20


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Randy was travelling westbound 60 freeway when he caught a crash on his dashcam and immediately pulled over to assist grabbing his camera as well, because that’s what cameramen do. The 1st crash involved a two cars and a semi truck.

A female who appeared to be in shock (& later determained to be DUI) was the cause of the 1st crash and it was her car that was struck in the 2nd CAUGHT on CAMERA crash. Randy also had his livestream going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZuXA-uSTy8&t=275s

Once the 2nd crash occurred the drunk bitch only cared about her car and calling triple AAA. No regards for life or others involved in the crash…. Nope, just about her and her life. She went to jail and LUCKILY her actions did not cause anyone to die. Randy did his best to control and stop her from running into traffic on a moving freeway at freeway speeds.

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