CAUGHT on CAMERA “NEIGHBORHOOD HERO” Saves Home From Going Up In Flames / San Bernardino 7.4.20

SAN BERNARDINO Saturday July 4, 2020 a homeless man saved multiple structures from being destroyed by fire. Terrance West was in the area when he saw fire. Mr West ran towards the fire and immediately began attacking the fire with a water hose. The fire was caused by hot fireworks that were thrown into a trash can underneath the structure. Part of the roof caught fire. Terrance’s quick action saved the homes. San Bernardino County Fire Department arrived on scene and finished the job. During an on camera interview with Terrance, a San Bernardino County fireman gave Terrance a pat on the back personally thanking him for his heroic effort. On camera a resident was seen thanking Terrance as well. Off camera, Terrance told me he is a retired LA City Fireman.

It is believed that Terrance is homeless. He rides a bicycle around the city going to fire department incidents. We were on scene of a non life threatening gunshot wound, when the fire broke out next door.