Child Found in Car after Brief Pursuit / Pomona 5.15.20


POMONA – Sometime after 3: 00 PM Cal Poly Pomona Police locate a stolen vehicle with a child inside the vehicle at Temple Ave and Valley Blvd. Cal Poly Pomona Pd attempted to pull over the vehicle but the vehicle did not stop and a pursuit started eastbound Valley Boulevard heading towards the city of Pomona. LASD Air assisted Cal Poly Pomona PD with the pursuit and also notifying Pomona Pd to assist as the vehicle entered their jurisdiction. The vehicle continued eastbound on W Hold Ave not stopping for red lights at high speeds. Unknown at this time if the vehicle crashed into another vehicle or Cal poly PD or Pomona Pd “PIT” the vehicle at the intersection of Holt Avenue and Hamilton Blvd. The suspect exited the vehicle with a child in hand and continued walking eastbound on Holt Avenue on the sidewalk and that’s when a Pomona unit pulled up next to the suspect taking the child out of the suspect hand. The suspect was placed into custody. A Pomona Police School Resource Officer that was on patrol assisting with the pursuit had a teddy bear inside his unit and gave it to the child to calm the child down, and gave him a police sticker as well. Cal Poly Pomona Pd will be taking the suspect into custody and handling the stolen vehicle report and Pomona Pd will be handling the accident report. Pomona Pd is trying to get in contact with the child’s mother to have her come out to the scene or the Pomona Police Station.