Deceased Patient Left In Ambulance For 5 Hours At Gas Station | SAN BERNARDINO, CA 1.9.21

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA – Friday January 8th, a shooting occurred shortly before 5:00pm at an unknown location. The victim drove or was driven to a gas station on Waterman Ave off the 210 freeway. One victim, believed to be a female, was loaded into an AMR ambulance but was not transported to a hospital. It is believed that the victim was declared deceased inside the ambulance. The ambulance stayed inside the crime scene for over 5 hours with the deceased patient on board. The San Bernardino County Coroner arrived on scene, conducted their investigation, and transferred the deceased patient from the ambulance, to their coroner van.

Speaking to a nurse from a local hospital, the decision to not transport the patient to a hospital facility could have been made at the scene with the patient having a low chance of survival. Los Angeles County paramedics were given such directives to not transport patients with low chance of survival due to the COVID 19 hospital system crisis. American Medical Response has not publicly issued any directives such as this. This may have been a first occurrence.