One Hell Of A Boat Fire | TACOMA, WA 2.17.21


TACOMA, WASHINGTON – At around 10:30 p.m. Tacoma Fire was dispatched to the area of Tyee Marina for a report of a large vessel on fire. When crews arrived, they found the almost 300-foot Aleutian Falcon heavily involved in fire. Crews initiated a quick knock down on the fire and boarded the vessel to extinguish the rest of fire. As crews worked to get more water on the fire, they realized that the fire was in the hull of the ship. Crews quickly shifted to a defensive position pulling all crews off the ship. Soon, heavy fire and smoke started showing from both ends of the ship. In talking with fire official, there was a concern of the ship’s ammonia might have been compromised. Officials assure that the tanks are stable, not compromised, and there is no threat of a leak. If that changes, officials will notify the public immediately. As of now, over 5 hours into the fire fight, all crews have pulled off the dock in fear of the ship rolling. There is still no concern over the ammonia. No injuries reported to firefighters or civilians. Cause will be under investigation; reports are the ship was having work done on it just last night.