Pursuit Suspect Crashes / Pomona 7.10.20

POMONA – Sometime after 6 o’clock Pomona Pd received a 911 call of a male that wanted to kill himself inside a blue SUV and was armed with a gun. Pomona Pd was able to catch up to the vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle and the suspect fled from the officer and a pursuit started. The suspect led Pomona Pd Officers on a long pursuit and at sometime the suspect drove by his house several times on W. 4th St near S White Ave in Pomona. Pomona Pd also brought out their SWAT vehicle and attempted to block him in but the suspect was able to get around the vehicle and continued on. After several hours later the suspect drove to a dead end street crashing down onto N Towne Avenue just south of Monterey Ave. The suspect vehicle landed on its roof and the suspect was able to make it out and was taken into custody by Pomona Pd. The suspect was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital with unknown injuries.

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