Silent Killer Sends 9 To Hospitals | CHINO, CA 11.1.20


CHINO – Sometime after 10:30 PM Chino Valley Fire Department along with Chino PD responded to a Hazmat call at an apartment complex at 700 block of Desert Holly St and Pine Ave. Once firefighters arrived on scene they noticed alarms going off inside the apartment complex and people being evacuated outside their units. Chino Valley Fire Department along with Chino PD started evacuating more people out of the units due to the situation inside the apartment complex. The Chino Valley Fire Department is saying carbon monoxide that was coming from one of the units. A total of 9 people including a 2 week old infant child were transported to local hospitals. The gas company at scene assisting Chino Valley Fire and shutting off the gas to the apartment units. Unknown at the time how many apartment units were affected by the leak.

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