Two Men & a Dog Escape Hillside Fire / San Bernardino 7.9.20

SAN BERNARDINO – At 3:49 PM a vegetation fire broke out on a hillside near Monte Vista DR. The fire wa quickly spreading through the dead grass of the hillside. Firefighters responded and asked for additional engines due to the quick spread of the fire and also due to a structure threat. A person could be seen saving his dog while the flames quickly came up the hillside. The teen stated to a firefighter along with a police officer that his family member was still inside the house trying to save their other dog. It wasn’t until a short time later the family member could be seen coming out of the fire area with a dog. The elderly male stated off-camera that he didn’t care to risk his life and that his dog was more important at the time so he stayed facing the consequences of not making it out. Firefighters asked the male if he was alright he stated he was fine. Neighbors quickly began to help the male by giving him water. A police officer let the dogs sit in his patrol with the AC on!