2 Cars Crash into Scaffolding & Overturned | West 187 & Amsterdam, Manhattan

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8.6.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | MANHATTAN – A two-vehicle collision sent one car crashing into scaffolding and a SUV to overturn. It happened 3:30 am Thursday at West 187th St & Amsterdam Ave. According to a witness we spoke to, the cars were speeding and one of them ran a red light causing the collision. An explosive fire happened and CPR was done on a victim after he was extricated from the vehicle, the witness said.

NYPD DCPI: “2018 Hyundai was traveling south on Amsterdam when the auto was struck by a 2019 BMW who was also traveling southbound on Amsterdam Avenue. The Hyundai collided into a scaffolding and the car caught fire. The driver of the BMW fled the scene.”

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