Baby's Daddy Stabs Boyfriend, Girlfriend Calls 911 Naked from Store | Brooklyn

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11.5.20 | by Adam | BUSHWICK, Brooklyn – A woman’s ex-boyfriend/child’s father stabbed her current boyfriend. It happened around 4 am Thursday at 383 Pulaski St, within the confines of the 81st Precinct. Police received a 911 call from a naked woman at a store stating her ex-boyfriend/child’s father had stabbed her current boyfriend at her apartment at 383 Pulaski St. She then threw the knife out the window and fled naked to the store where she called 911. The boyfriend victim was bleeding heavily. Police used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and rushed an ambulance to the location. He was transported in serious condition to an area hospital. Police arrested a male who appeared injured. Restraints were used for both his feet and hands. An ambulance was called for him as well as the female. A child may have been in the apartment during the altercation.

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