BLM Protestors Assault Journalist w/ Diaper, Aerosol, Umbrella, Skateboard

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1.16.21 | Interview by Adam | MADISON SQUARE PARK, Manhattan (NYPD) – It was reported to police that on Sunday January 10, 2021, at approximately 1200 hours, inside of and in the vicinity of Madison Square Park (East 23 Street and Madison Avenue), a group of people surrounded the 33-year-old female victim, shoved her around, hit her on the head with an egg and knocked her cell phone to the ground with an umbrella. The group followed the victim when she ran from them and one of the males sprayed her with aerosol string while a second male struck her with a skateboard. A third male rubbed a soiled baby diaper on the victim’s face during the incident. The individuals fled the scene in an unknown direction.

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